Toolkit: Using Social Media

Using Social Media Social media can be a great way to: highlight the issue of the lack of affordable, quality child care; engage others with the issue; draw attention to a meeting with a candidate. Tip for using social media: Always ask permission when posting a photo of someone other than yourself; Be positive and… Continue reading Toolkit: Using Social Media

Toolkit: Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting Town hall meetings are public meetings where members from a community can come together to learn about issues, to share their views and to promote common understanding. Town halls can also be used to convey concerns and solutions to elected representatives. Tips for organizing a town hall meeting Planning Seek suitable organization(s)… Continue reading Toolkit: Town Hall Meeting

Toolkit: Community Engagement

Community Engagement Elections are a good time to get all voters thinking about child care. Speaking with voters directly is the best way to engage them on the issue. You can create opportunities for conversation in many different ways: leafleting on the street (mainstreeting); setting up an information table at a farmer’s market, local festival… Continue reading Toolkit: Community Engagement

Why For-Profit Child Care is Not the Solution

Profit-making in child care gives rise to four main concerns: 1) the quality of programs is eroded by the drive to make profit; 2) the diversion of public funds to profit-making is an “inefficient” approach to expanding quality child care and making it more affordable for parents; 3) it is unethical to derive profit from the… Continue reading Why For-Profit Child Care is Not the Solution

Manitoba Child Care Amendment Announcement brings both Praise and Concern

    On November 21, 2017, Manitoba Families Minister Scott Field tabled the Community Child Care Standards Amendment Act, which introduced legislative changes to child care. According to the Throne Speech, the act aims to: create new child care spaces reduce wait times eliminate red tape for early childhood educators foster better outcomes for families with young… Continue reading Manitoba Child Care Amendment Announcement brings both Praise and Concern